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TPM Software Stack (TSS2) - Release 4.1.1 - LetsTrust-TPM2Go support by default!

Hello everyone,

and the second news today: The TPM Software Stack (TSS) now also supports the LetsTrust-TPM2Go as TCTI device with the latest release!

What's new about this, the LT-TPM2Go has been working with the TSS for over 6 months?
That is correct, but only if you have rebuilt the TSS from the master.
In the near future, everything will be easier with the current release, then these three steps will be sufficient (also applies to the SPI-based LetsTrust-TPM).

# install all tpm2 relevant software and tools
sudo apt --yes install libtss2-* tpm-udev tpm2-abrmd tpm2-tools

# Add the current user to group tss (with privilege to access the TPM)
sudo usermod --append --groups tss $(whoami)

# Reboot for group change to become effective
sudo reboot

You see, it goes on and on with the TPM!

Bye, for now

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